Top 20 watches To Buy As Valentines Day Gifts

Ladies christmas watch guide
Valentines Day is nearly upon us, and for many this usually ends up being a last minute dash in order to get that special present!

Well not this year, we have some great timeless gift ideas for you to help find that special present for St Valentines Day. Whether you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend, or wife, or looking for something for your boyfriend or husband, there are some great watches available at the moment to cater for any lifestyle.

Why designer watches? Well, watches are usually a great choice for special occasions such as Saint Valentines Day, because watches are worn every day, and therefore a constant reminder of your love – Which he or she will look at many times a day!
Plus, nothing says more about someones personality and style than the watch they wear – Choose well, and he or she will be …

Guide To The Best Ladies Watches To Buy For Her At Christmas – 2011 Update

Ladies christmas watch guide

As your shoes will tell a lot about who you are, your watch speaks the most about your personality. It tells about who you are as a person, your likes, your taste and lifestyle. A watch is an excellent gift to your woman, which will truly represent her personality.

If you have a chance to window shop watches for women, you will see that the market is swamped by a lot of new styles and unique models that would not allow you to take your eyes off of them. Every year there are new designs and styles added and with such a huge collection, it really becomes difficult to pick the one that will be the perfect choice and represent your woman the best.

We have therefore picked out the best ladies watches you can buy her for Christmas, and some of the hottest deals around for gifts. So relax, …

Christmas Mens Watches For Him Gift Guide – 2011 Update


This is a girl’s guide to buying a watch for your man. Buying a gift, especially a watch, will require you to know about your man, his style, taste, and his liking. It would not require you to think a lot but to follow your instincts to get the right one. Other aspects that would help you to make the right choice would be the type of his personality, whether he is a reserved kind of a guy or an outgoing one, the different colours or styles he prefers the most, etc.

We have therefore picked some of our favourite men’s watches for Christmas, check out our guide and top list to make the right choice this Christmas!

Knowing the fact that whether he would go for a more practical watch or would prefer a rather sleek variety, flashy or a rather classic variety should help you make your choice. …

Top Mens watches for Fathers Day

Looking for a great present for Fathers Day this Sunday 20th of June 2010?

We have compiled a ideal selection of Great fathers day watches to make sure he will remember the occasion.

Don’t go through the hassle of hitting the high street, get your father’s day gift the easy way by shopping online and getting the best deal around.

Finding the perfect gift can be very time consuming, so this week we have a list of ideal Father’s day timepieces, from designer watches to affordable mens watches.

Nothing shows a sign of appreciation better than a well thought out gift.

Top Fathers Day Mens Watches 2009:

Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar men’s watch
Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar men's watch
This award-winning brand produces distinctive and stylish watches, many of which are powered by Eco-Drive – light-power technology. This Citizen men’s timepiece features a perpetual calendar through to 2100, a 1/20 second chronograph, 12 / 24 hour …

Watch shops and jewellers which are not affected by the Royal Mail Postal Strike


Now that Royal Mail union workers are continuing their strikes, it is critical to know where to buy online in order to not be affected. Fortunately many watch shops and jewellers are taking action, and are putting in place contingency measures to ensure you promptly get your shopping.

We have researched and listed boutiques which can guarantee delivery through either Royal Mail special delivery (Un-affected during the strike) courier or private postal companies:

Ernest Jones


Ernest Jones offer standard delivery which is not recommended at the moment – Instead make sure you opt for DHL next day courier for only £6!

Click here to shop at Ernest Jones.



Delivery will be made by an insured courier service and will reach you within three to five working days – Your purchases at Goldsmiths will not be affected by Royal Mail strikes.

Click here to shop at Goldsmiths.

Christopher Ward

Essential watch terms to sound like a pro


We have listed the essential watch terms you need to know before buying a watch – These will help you figure out what the jewellers are talking about.

1. Complication
This relates to any function of a watch beyond simple timekeeping. We could be talking about a lunar, or gregorian calendar, SOS alerts, GPS or something as basic as a chronograph function.

2. Movement
The movement of a watch is all about those bits and pieces inside a watch that do the magic. In watchmaking terms you will likely encounter quartz, mechanical (winding) or automatic (self winding) movements.

3. Quartz
Quartz movements are powered by a battery and regulated by the oscillations of a quartz crystal. This type of movement is the cheapest in the industry but its more accurate than any other movement. Quartz movements are great for everyday watches, but these wouldn’t be recommended by the purists and …

Since 1976 – The Raymond Weil Watch Collection Reviewed

Raymond Weil Tango men's black leather strap watch

Diamonds, silver, mother-of-pearl, alligator leather, 18 Carat gold, blue and black sapphires, shantung satin, ivory. This is an incomplete list of the exceptionally fine materials used to make Raymond Weil’s luxury watches.

Since 1976, Raymond Weil has been designing and crafting fine Swiss watches.
The newest model of “Shine” from the Ladies collection demonstrates classic elegance with it’s polished steel, black shantung satin and 76 small, VS quality diamonds. The face is a narrow rectangle of Anthracite grey. Each hour is marked with a diamond except the Roman numerals for 12 and 6 o’clock.
Another new model has been released of “Freelancer” from the Gents collection. Winding automatically with the movement of the wrist, a battery need never be purchased for this handsome timepiece. The round face features a chronograph, two date windows and three sub-dials. The band is a rich brown leather with contrast stitching. Yellow second and chronograph …

Nautica’s Latest Watch Collection by David Chu

Nautica GTS Titanium Ocean 50 black strap watch

In the early 1990s Nautica introduced a line of watches. Designer David Chu was inspired by sailing and many features of the watches reflect that influence. Three types are available from Nautica: leather, metal and rubber sport watches. Most of the watches are made with men in mind, though a handful of elegant timepieces are designed to fit seamlessly with women’s fashion.

The designs are highly functional and handsome enough to appeal to more than just sports enthusiasts. One example is Nautica’s Ocean 50 Chronograph watch. The band is a rich chocolate brown with contrasting white stitching. The main casing is titanium with gold toned crown, controls and accents on the dial. The chronograph turns on an exterior brown bezel, as well as on the interior of the dial with a metallic tachymeter. A small window shows the date to the right of three sub-dials. The watch provides polished elegance …

Marc Jacobs Watch Collection Reviewed

Marc by Marc Jacobs ladies' round white strap watch

In 2005, fashion designer Marc Jacobs expanded his main Marc Jacobs Collection label’s fall line to include luxury watches. They were released exclusively through Fossil Inc. and only a limited number were produced. Marc Jacobs designed nine watch styles for the limited release collection, priced from £300 to over £2,500. Vintage style smaller oval faces and more delicate bands inspired most of the collection, which featured materials such as grosgrain ribbon and small diamonds.
Other luxury watches have been released since then. For example, one watch features a genuine alligator leather band, and the casing and face are set with 128 diamonds.
For the 2006 fall fashion season the designer debuted a line of less expensive timepieces under the Marc by Marc Jacobs label. These watches are quirky chic in design and are more diverse in wear options than the high-end collection. The designs are in the form of traditional …

Juicy Couture Watches – Playful And Elegant.

Juicy Couture ladies' pink strap watch

Since fashion label Juicy Couture was acquired by Liz Claiborne Inc. in 2003 the product lines were expanded beyond it’s apparel and accessories. Watches were one of the new products licensed through the Movado Group Inc. in early summer 2006. Juicy Couture watches include two types: playful and elegant.

Juicy Couture’s playful watches come in bright or pastel colours with part of the Juicy Couture crest integrated into the design. The crest is the phrase “Love G & P” with a crown above and two Scottie dogs on each side.
Three jelly strapped watches are brightly coloured. The face of the first, a blue watch, features Swarovski crystals circling the hands. A crown is also on the face with blue Arabic numerals. Surrounding the face of the watch is a matching blue bezel with the numbers 1 through 12 written in Roman numerals. The bright pink watch is similar is …

Grants Of Dalvey Fob Watches

Dalvey half hunter stainless steel mechanical pocket watch

Grants of Dalvey has a history in the Highlands of Scotland that goes back over 100 years. Originally a manufacturer of bagpipes made from materials such as silver and ivory, the firm expanded it’s products to include a range of gentleman’s gifts made predominantly from mirror-polished stainless steel. Under the management of owner Sir Patrick Grant, 14th Baronet of Dalvey, the gentleman’s gift collection reached iconic status in Scotland and international success. The collection offers an impressive assortment men’s accessories including folding travel clocks, cufflinks, fine shaving sets, and wrist watches.

Five watch designs are available at, Grants of Dalvey’s website. All watches have an automatic movement and are wound with the movement of the wearer’s wrist. Instead of a buckle, each timepiece has a butterfly clasp. The Coupé and Roadster designs feature classic curved, rectangle faces and handsome leather bands. Three watches contain chronograph capabilities, though only the …

DKNY Watches – The Donna Karan Company Watch Collection

The Donna Karan Company has brought the world the unique style of New York since 1984. The designer envisioned a fashion label that provided pieces fit for all occasions, ranging from formal to casual to professional looks. Thus DKNY was born offering apparel and accessories for men and women.
DKNY watches for men combine the functionality of the classic timepiece and truly unique design. Materials include leather in handsome dark colours and sleek, silver or black stainless steel. Nearly every watch designed by DKNY has a chronograph, or stopwatch, built into the face or as a digital feature.
One watch in particular is an innovative twist design. It has both a traditional face with hands and a digital display. To alternate between the two styles all one must do is turn the double-sided face. The digital side shows the time, as well as, the seconds, the date and features an …

Breitling Watches The Choice For Armed Servicemen And Aviators

Breitling watches have been a favorite among armed servicemen and women and civil aviators for years. Founded in 1884, the company has been providing quality products at affordable prices. Men can choose from product lines named Navitimer, Windrider, Professional, and AeroMarine. Rugged, technologically advanced, and precise, each watch carries the Breitling guarantee and a Caliber B01 Motor. Increasing its salability, the AeroMarine Avenger Seawolf Chrono can be submerged in water at 3,300 feet and still remain functional.

Besides containing a glareproof sapphire crystal, both the watch and the band are made from stainless steel which helps make it water-resistant. Peddling its wares in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Carribean, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Oceania, and South America, it is hard to find a person who hasn’t heard of Breitling. The company’s distinct logo shows a monogrammed letter B wrapped around an anchor and centered between two aviator’s …

Breil Milano Watches Since 1939 – Our Review

Known around the globe for its cutting edge designs, Breil Milano delivers comfort and style at a price that anyone can afford. Distinct in look, the watches give men and women both classic and contemporary options.

Carried in boutiques in Australia, China, Deutschland, Italy, Jordan, Spain and the United States, Breil Milano sold its first watch in 1939. Since then, it has become a name associated with sophistication and quality. Actress, Charlize Theron, is a spokesmodel for the company. Her picture can be seen on the opening page of the Breil Milano website.

Featuring the Milano, the Mediterraneo, the Eros, and the Logo, customers can find a watch that satisfies their particular taste. Men and women have options and can choose a classy fashion accessory to match their favorite attire. Ladies who love the glitz and glamour of sparkly jewellery fall in love with the Eros. Containing tiny diamonds and …

Hamilton Watches – Distinctively American Watches

For 117 years, Hamilton Watch Company has been a leader in price and design. Offering different styles of watches to both consumers and movie stars has helped the company make a name for itself. Featuring choices for men and women, the company prides itself in delivering ultimate customer satisfaction.

Known around the world as a uniquely American watch, Hamilton once stopped its production line to create over a million timepieces for the men and women involved in World War 2. Individuals can choose from the company’s most popular lines, the Khaki and the American Classic, and then choose the model that suits them best. From classic to modern, the Jazzmaster, Ventura, Seaview, Brooke, Lady Hamilton, Lloyd Vintage, and Limited Edition have models that promise something for everyone.

Worn by celebrities in a variety of featured films, Hamilton watches can be seen on Mark Wahlberg in the Italian Job, Danny Glover …

A.T Cross Watches – Affordable Sophistication

For over 158 years, the A.T. Cross Company has been providing quality products to consumers. Keeping up with current trends, Cross watches are the highly sophisticated and priced affordably.

Costing a couple hundred pounds, the elegant watches are designed with both men and women in mind. Named after major cities like Chicago, Manhattan, Paris, and Milan, every fashion accessory carried by Cross has a two-year warranty. Protecting the craftsmanship of the watches is important to a company that puts its customers first. If there are any defects found in the watch, the company will repair it according to the warranty’s guidelines.

Appealing to both the fashion icon and practical side of a person, Cross values the relationship that it builds with the people who buy and wear its watches. The higly affordable Manhattan Men’s Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet features sunburst-engraved, metallic black dial and calendar. The Woman’s Chicago with …

Ball Watches – Since 1891 Accuracy Under Adverse Conditions

Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions,” is the slogan that sets Ball apart from its competitors. Catering to the needs of explorers and adventurers worldwide, the company provides rugged products that can withstand all types of weather conditions.

Water and shock resistant, the men and women’s line of watches are technologically advanced and at the same time fashionable. Shoppers can choose from six different collections including: the Engineer II, Engineer Master II, Engineer Hydrocarbon, Trainmaster, Conductor, and Fireman.

Self-Powered Micro Gas Lights make seeing in the dark easy. Specially lubricated to withstand extremely cold weather, Ball watches contain a special blend of oils that make expeditions to the North and South Pole a possibility. Ranging in their ability to withstand water, each collection varies in its level of liquid resistance.

Ball watches come with a variety of dials and features and offer choice in colour, type of wrist band, and …

Calvin Klein Watches – New Collections

Known all around the world as being a brand that delivers both quality and comfort, CK is a favorite among people of all ages. Recently turning its focus to fashion accessories, the company added watches to its collection and has seen enormous success upon doing so.

Offering both men and women choices when it comes to selection, CK prides itself on being a designer name that the average person can afford. Ranging in price from £150-£500, a CK watch is one investment that is worth making. From the men’s CK Biz, a favorite because it is both sleek and dressy, to the women’s CK Hypnotic bangle, a person can find everything they are looking for in terms of style, quality, and price. From downright funky to timeless, CK watches come in a variety of colours, patterns, and finishes.

The most common is a brushed stainless steel which can withstand normal …

Philippe Starck Watches Reviewed

No apologies. Two words that perfectly describe the bold, sometimes ascerbic stylings of New Design patriarch Philippe Starck.

Whether he’s designing a toothbrush for your local department store or the interiors of French President Francois Mitterand, Starck is entirely in his element when he’s offering up his own unique and eye-opening interpretations of everything fashionable.

Let’s face it. Wearing a Philippe Starck timepiece is going to get you noticed. It’s going to start some conversations. And it’s going to say a lot about your confidence and your own sense of image and style.

Starck’s watches, marketed and sold through Fossil, are as much like little works of modern art strapped to your wrist as they are like wristwatches. Every watch crafted by Starck is eminently functional at the most basic level. But any notion of simplicity is at once dispatched by the lucid interpretation of form and materials that Starck …

Looking to buy a Mango Watch? Let Barcelona Charms You Today

Today’s urban professional woman is busy. But is she too busy for fashion? Mango says no, and says it definitively with its unique and sophisticated line of ladies’ timepieces.

Originating in Barcelona, the Mango brand has swept across the globe, with stores in 92 countries and plans to continue its expansion. Just as it expands into new geographic areas, Mango continually explores design and cultural elements to develop its line of haute couture for the modern woman.

Watches offer design elements like charm embellishment and unique strap treatments to keep the line evolving over time.

What woman wouldn’t benefit from the bold freshness of deep, rosy red? Mango’s line of ladies’ watches has recognized the brilliance of a red fashion accent, and employed it in its popular and whimsically romantic heart watch. The bold swash of red color begins on the comfortable satin band, and continues with its use of …

Levi’s Watches – Bold Watches And Modern Edged Styling

In 1873, Bavarian immigrant Levi Strauss set up shop in San Francisco with an eye toward serving the area’s burgeoning population of gold miners and pioneers. His goal was to provide work clothes that were equal to the tasks faced by these hardy newcomers, and his line was known even then for the rugged durability of his brown, multi-pocketed overalls that lent themselves to the arduous task of mining and settling a new area.

Strauss gained additional fame – and an added edge over his competition – by earning a patent for his copper grommets, sued to reinforce the pockets of his trousers and overalls.

The name Levi’s broke new territory again in the early 20th century with its introduction of women’s sportswear, a wholly new concept in that era of limited women’s rights.

Since then, the company has continued to expand its brand with the introduction of an ever …

Karen Millen Watches – Fun And Elegant Style

Karen Millen knows what it means to take risks. With only £100 pounds in the bank, Millen and fellow designer Kevin Stanford took the plunge into the highly competitive world of fashion when, in 1981, the pair began designing and selling shirts to friends and relatives. By 1983, the pair had raised enough cash to open the first shop devoted to the Karen Millen fashion line.

From its inception, the company has prided itself on its ability to provide fun, elegant fashions while maintaining an ethical business plan based on fair trade and employee awareness.

Offering touches like animal print straps and crystal embellished dials, Millen timepieces transcend time and seasons.

Millen’s stainless steel bracelet watch offers large, cut glass crystal links flanked by a highly polished stainless steel border, leading into the understated yet ultra-feminine crystal watch face, a unique design that sure to draw attention.

The gunmetal finish …

Mark Ecko Urban Street Style And Elegant Sophistication

Looking for a watch that reflects the unique and highly popular combination of urban street style and elegant sophistication? Look to Mark Ecko, a line that prides itself on its unique take on cultural innovation.

For the designers at Ecko, the work is never done. By tirelessly examining and reexamining every element and critically evaluating its influence, this company ensures its place at the top of the design culture

Ecko’s Unlimited range offers choices like the Cartel. This watch’s warm brown face and studded black top ring are the perfect foil for the high polish of the polished gold stainless steel case and understated black leather strap. In the same range, the Ecko ID goes undercover. Take a look – it’s a stylish gold stainless steel ID bracelet with an iced crystal rhino embellishment. But flip the cover back and you reveal a two-hand analogue timepiece.

Get yourself noticed with …

POLICE Watches – Power, Restrained Yet Assertive Style

POLICE. Simply the name evokes images of power, restrained yet assertive and assured.

You can make that same statement when you select a timepiece from POLICE. The company name is spelled in all capital letters – and for good reason. This is one brand that has something to say, and knows how to say it, with bold confidence.

Introduced in 2003, the POLICE range of watches for men and ladies has arrested the attention of consumers worldwide, and consistently delivers designs and styles that demand notice.

Every timepiece in the POLICE range is on the edge of contemporary without becoming too futuristic. There’s a sense of contemporary, urban power in every watch, reflected in every design element, from the selection of straps, to the carefully crafted bezels and dial accents.

The line is divided into three ranges – Street, Classic, and Fashion – and each has something special to offer.…

Zodiac Watches – Swiss Engineered Since 1882

Adventuring watches have reached a pinnacle in design and functionality with Zodiac Watches. Swiss engineered since 1882, Zodiac timepieces pair modern design with advanced capabilities and durability. Whether planning your next adventure to actual living it, a Zodiac watch is rady to take on whatever life throws at you.

The Zodiac Streamline for men puts style in overdrive. In the office or on the trails, this watch meets the demands of style and functionality. A solid stainless steel case and linked band provides the ultimate in classic design. Three additional chronographs on the silver tone face add additional detail and functionality to this watch. Water resistant to 110 meters, this is a durable watch that will outlast any adventure.

For the ladies, the Zodiac Air Dragon is ultra feminine while hearkening back to the golden age of the aviator era. The white leather strap and pure white dial add a …

Triumph Watches – Feel The Road

Intricate designs and advanced functionality make every Triumph watch a modern classic. Designed to take on the open road, each timepiece is a study in the precision of advanced engineering. Constructed of sturdy materials and imbued with the capabilities that life demands, a Triumph watch is made to match the people who wear them- strong, attractive, and tough.

The Triumph Automatic Black Leather offers a bold and masculine design with a feel of the road. The large round analogue dial brings to mind the gauges on the dash of the finest motorcycle. The simplicity of the design does not cramp the style of this watch. The extra large block style numerals are in a bold black on clean white dial and feature a bold black center. The stainless steel case and black leather band complete this watch that is definitely built for speed.

Classic style and supreme functionality team up …

Tonino Lamborghini Watches Reviewed

Tonino Lamborghini watches are for the sophisticate that is both daring and bold. The epitome of modern engineering and design is evident in each high quality timepiece. Not for the faint of heart, a Tonino Lamborghini watch is the ultimate in substance and style. Each Swiss made watch is made of the finest materials and features the best in design and functionality.

The Tonino Lamborghini Spyder in stainless steel features black carbon fibre inserts on the band and a black carbon fibre face. The inverted triangular face on the round dial is daring and gives the illusion of speed. Three additional chronographs grace the face of this watch, and yellow accents draw the eye to its superior design. A logo engraved deployment buckle and water resistant features complete this highly sophisticated watch.

For a classic design that breaths of elegance, the ladies Corsa III is a sight to behold. A …

Tag Heuer Meridiist Phone Review & Where To Buy

 Tag Heuer meridiist - Where to buy

After many rumours, the Tag Heuer Meridiist – The watch brands luxurious mobile phone is finally officially available to buy online.

The oddly named Tag Heuer Meridiist is a high end mobile phone handset which combines the Swiss-made Tag Heuer heritage from its timepieces, with the technical savvy of the French mobile phone company called Modelabs which have been responsible for the successful Levi’s phone.
The Tag Heuer Meridiist (which is likely to be mis-spelled as Meridist, Merdist, or even Merrydist I’m sure) mobile phone is made from the finest elements available today: We are looking at watch-making grade stainless steel, two un-scratchable 60.5 Carat sapphire crystal displays and rare alligator or leather panels.
One thing which really strikes us with the Tag Heuer Meridiist is the solid build, and the long battery life – besides 7 hours of talk time it is said to offer almost unmatched standby …

Gucci G Class men's stainless steel chronograph watch

Gucci G Class men's stainless steel chronograph watch

Gucci G Class men’s stainless steel chronograph watch
Gucci is an Italian fashion house known for the quality and cutting edge design of its clothing and accessories. It’s a name you can trust for quality products and you can trust that Gucci G Class men’s stainless steel chronograph watch is not only great looking, but quality made. It has a 44 mm stainless steel case, matching stainless steel bracelet and attractively contrasting black dial that’s protected by sturdy sapphire crystal. The Gucci G Class men’s stainless steel chronograph watch is the type of watch any busy and active man will appreciate since it’s made to last and not break apart under the littlest amount of strain. The movement of this watch is quartz and this watch also features a chronograph function. The Gucci G Class men’s stainless steel chronograph watch is water resistant to 30 metres which means you never …

Oakley Blade II men's ion-plated bracelet watch

Oakley Blade II men's ion-plated  bracelet watch

Oakley Blade II men's ion-plated bracelet watch
Technology that is so superior that it's an artform is the trademark of Oakley watches. This men's watch definitely fits that definition. It's a stylish watch with an ion-plated stainless steel bracelet that has been specially engineered to fit a full range of wrist sizes. The watch is quality made and has a precise Swiss-made five-jewel movement that's powered by a 74-month battery with end of life indicator so you know exactly when it's time to replace it. The attractive black dial contrasts pleasantly with the stainless steel case material has is protected by anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The Oakley Blade II men's ion-plated bracelet watch has quartz movement and a date function.

Click here for pricing and additional information about Oakley Blade II men's ion-plated bracelet watch

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