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Top 20 watches To Buy As Valentines Day Gifts

Ladies christmas watch guide
Valentines Day is nearly upon us, and for many this usually ends up being a last minute dash in order to get that special present!

Well not this year, we have some great timeless gift ideas for you to help find that special present for St Valentines Day. Whether you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend, or wife, or looking for something for your boyfriend or husband, there are some great watches available at the moment to cater for any lifestyle.

Why designer watches? Well, watches are usually a great choice for special occasions such as Saint Valentines Day, because watches are worn every day, and therefore a constant reminder of your love – Which he or she will look at many times a day!
Plus, nothing says more about someones personality and style than the watch they wear – Choose well, and he or she will be …

Guide To The Best Ladies Watches To Buy For Her At Christmas – 2011 Update

Ladies christmas watch guide

As your shoes will tell a lot about who you are, your watch speaks the most about your personality. It tells about who you are as a person, your likes, your taste and lifestyle. A watch is an excellent gift to your woman, which will truly represent her personality.

If you have a chance to window shop watches for women, you will see that the market is swamped by a lot of new styles and unique models that would not allow you to take your eyes off of them. Every year there are new designs and styles added and with such a huge collection, it really becomes difficult to pick the one that will be the perfect choice and represent your woman the best.

We have therefore picked out the best ladies watches you can buy her for Christmas, and some of the hottest deals around for gifts. So relax, …

Christmas Mens Watches For Him Gift Guide – 2011 Update


This is a girl’s guide to buying a watch for your man. Buying a gift, especially a watch, will require you to know about your man, his style, taste, and his liking. It would not require you to think a lot but to follow your instincts to get the right one. Other aspects that would help you to make the right choice would be the type of his personality, whether he is a reserved kind of a guy or an outgoing one, the different colours or styles he prefers the most, etc.

We have therefore picked some of our favourite men’s watches for Christmas, check out our guide and top list to make the right choice this Christmas!

Knowing the fact that whether he would go for a more practical watch or would prefer a rather sleek variety, flashy or a rather classic variety should help you make your choice. …

Top Mens watches for Fathers Day

Looking for a great present for Fathers Day this Sunday 20th of June 2010?

We have compiled a ideal selection of Great fathers day watches to make sure he will remember the occasion.

Don’t go through the hassle of hitting the high street, get your father’s day gift the easy way by shopping online and getting the best deal around.

Finding the perfect gift can be very time consuming, so this week we have a list of ideal Father’s day timepieces, from designer watches to affordable mens watches.

Nothing shows a sign of appreciation better than a well thought out gift.

Top Fathers Day Mens Watches 2009:

Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar men’s watch
Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar men's watch
This award-winning brand produces distinctive and stylish watches, many of which are powered by Eco-Drive – light-power technology. This Citizen men’s timepiece features a perpetual calendar through to 2100, a 1/20 second chronograph, 12 / 24 hour …

Top Ladies Seasonal Watches

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