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Imagine the level of confidence it would require to turn £100 into a fashion empire renowned the world over. That’s the kind of confidence and self-assured style reflected in every timepiece of the Karen Millen line.
That story of turning a small purse into a big fortune is a true one. In 1981, Millen and fellow designer Kevin Stanford used that £100 to buy plan white yardage. The pair transformed the goods into shirts and began selling them to friends and family. Soon they embarked on a party plan business model that raised enough equity – and interest – to fund the first Karen Millen shop in 1983.
Since the beginning, the company has devoted itself to ethical business practices. But such devotion to core causes has never held the company back when it comes to designing fashions that remain relevant and innovative.
In the word of ladies’ watches, Millen’s wide strap leather watch, with its crystal studded clear black dial and stainless steel case, is destined to become a classic in the fashion world. The simple, monochromatic, modernistic edge of this watch design makes it the perfect accompaniment to casual wear as well as more formal evening attire.
Get playful with Karen Millen’s crystal padlock watch, with its leopard-print fur strap option and dangling watch face.
For sheer bling, the encrusted stone bangle watch straddles the line between audacious glitz and feminine elegance.
Throughout her design line, every Karen Millen watch makes a statement as unique as the wearer.


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Karen Millen Watches – Fun And Elegant Style

Karen Millen knows what it means to take risks. With only £100 pounds in the bank, Millen and fellow designer Kevin Stanford took the plunge into the highly competitive world of fashion when, in 1981, the pair began designing and selling shirts to friends and relatives. By 1983, the pair had raised enough cash to open the first shop devoted to the Karen Millen fashion line.

From its inception, the company has prided itself on its ability to provide fun, elegant fashions while maintaining an ethical business plan based on fair trade and employee awareness.

Offering touches like animal print straps and crystal embellished dials, Millen timepieces transcend time and seasons.

Millen’s stainless steel bracelet watch offers large, cut glass crystal links flanked by a highly polished stainless steel border, leading into the understated yet ultra-feminine crystal watch face, a unique design that sure to draw attention.

The gunmetal finish …

Top Ladies Karen Millen Watches

Top Mens Karen Millen Watches