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Edox Watches to be featured in Spiderman 4


Swiss Edox watches will be featured in the 4th movie of Spiderman which the character will be played by Andre Garfield. Edox gladly stated that each cast of the movie will be able to choose an Edox timepiece to wear during the shooting of the film.

Edox was really surprise upon hearing this great news as it has been proven that Richemont group are known for their popularity in paying big money for product placements in movies like Ironman 2 and Wall Street. Since Edox is not a very popular and not even the largest brand in the world of designer watches, its founder was so amazed that his design will be inclusive in one of the most awaited movie on 2012.

As announced the newer Edox Les Beomts Ultra Slim will be one of the watches to be seen on the movie. To find out more make sure …

Top Ten Designer Watches


Top fashion designers never hesitate to create innovative designs every day.  If you are a designer you wouldn’t like it if you are running out of the league! Everybody wants to be on top, don’t you? Being one of the top ten designers in the whole wide world, or even in a certain magazine is really something! It’s indeed an achievement, a prize for the hard work that designers have put into their craft.

One of the biggest truths is in the fashion world is that, if your style and design is innovative, unique and elegant then you’d absolutely grab followers, and customers!  Being on top among thousands of designers from all over the globe is really something, and it’s worth the hard work. The fact is designer’s do not just come up with an idea then put it into action. All their designs are carefully planned, and crafted…

But …

People go for Designer Watches


Today, people are having a hard time finding out the real designer watches when it is mixed with normal or replica watches. It has been an issue for decades now and nobody has the courage to stop this kind of practices though warnings and precautions are there. One of the most common problems of the makers of designer watches is their imitators. In fact there are several online stores who promote replica watches at a very affordable prices, however its quality are that as great as what designer watches have.

Practicality really counts these days, and spending hundreds of dollars for a fake piece of watch is really stupid! Generally, replica watches do not last. Their appearances at the moment you bought them seem to never last. In fact, some of them got easily destroyed after wearing them for a couple of times. This is really frustrating! If you are …

Designer Watches News


It is undeniable that the technology continues to expand all over the world not just with the utilization of the internet but as well as in promoting products like designer watch. The 20th century really brought significant changes in the world fashion including designer watches.

With continued modernization companies for designer watches has started creating digital watches that are of good quality, presentable and highly recommended globally.

Digital watches are now one of the best seller product in the market and even online. With that online companies assured to the people, that there’s really a lot good stuff to look forward to in the world of designer watches.

In addition, the recent surveys conducted via the internet showed the top 3 most favorite designer watches of online retail stores and buyers. Those designer watches include:

  • Omega
  • Tag Heuer
  • Rolex

The genuine piece of those watches is pretty expensive but …

Designer’s Watch Ideal Gift for Valentines

Designer’s Watch

Designer’s Watch

Designers watch is one of the most ideal gifts for valentines! A lot of individuals from all over the world purchase a popular designer’s watch to give to their loved ones to symbolize their thoughtfulness in connection with valentine’s celebration.

Watch designers like Black Dice, Charles Conrad, Chronotech, Corum, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Frederick Stein, Kenneth Cole, Versace, and Tommy Hilfiger are some of the most popular products sold for the month of February.

Valentine’s only happened once a year, its why giving elegant gift to someone special is really of great emphasis. Some of the most innovative gift that you could give to your loved ones during this occasion includes popular designer’s watches and wrist watch of respective brands like, Adidas, Arnold & Son, Seiko, Audemars Piguet, Burberry, Timex, Timberland, TAG Heuer, Swarovski, Swatch, Citizen, DKNY Gucci, Guess Collection, Hugo Boss, TW Steel ,Triumph, Tonino  Lamborghini and …

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