Citizen Promaster PMX56-2811

Quartz watches has been one of the all time favorites of people who are into authentic and of good quality time pieces. But how can you say that you acquired the good quartz? As shown in the evidence there ‘s a lot of bogus companies these days who create and design replica watches and even sell them on the same price similar to the original ones. Frustrating, yes it is!  However it can also be avoided.

Nevertheless if you are planning to buy a quartz watch that would last for a long time without putting you in trouble or other major issues then go for citizen Promaster PMX56-2811. Buying this style of watch is not just a good choice but privilege as well. This newly built 2811 is well built and is packed with modern and innovative designs.

Features of Citizen Promaster PMX56-2811

  • 41.5 x 11 mm
  • 48mm lug to